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IT Help Desk Technician job description template

The median salary and wage for computer support specialists are $54,760 per year and $26.33 per hour (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)). From recruitment and executive search to our academy, we have all the capabilities to build bespoke talent solutions that solve your unique and evolving needs. As long as customer service has existed there has been the customer who cannot be pleased. Joseph is a global best practice trainer and consultant with over 14 years corporate experience. His specialties are IT Service Management, Business Process Reengineering, Cyber Resilience and Project Management.

help desk engineer roles and responsibilities

Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree. The annual salary of desktop support specialists is $7,482 lower than the average salary of help desk engineers. We are seeking a detail-focused, service-driven, confident, and friendly Desktop Support Engineer to join our team! The ideal candidate will have a strong background in IT and great customer service skills to match. The focus of the role is to assist personnel with desktop issues they are having, including hardware and software, to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

How to Become a Service Desk Engineer

Excellent verbal communication skills are also important, as well as analytical thinking skills. You’ll need to be an expert in certain software packages and have strong IT skills. A high standard of customer service is also an important part of the role. An IT help desk is essentially a tool to help organize customer queries and complaints.

  • As a specialist, you will be in high demand and can command a higher salary.
  • They also offer excellent customer service and advice to all users in different types of companies.
  • Service Desk Engineers must be able to quickly assess each situation they encounter and determine the best course of action to take.
  • This requires patience and determination to solve difficult technical problems from a remote location.
  • To write an effective helpdesk engineer job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations.

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, they are looking for professionals who can help them manage and maintain their systems. Let’s look at the service desk support analyst role, including typical responsibilities. We are looking for a competent Help desk technician to provide fast and useful technical assistance on computer systems. You will answer queries on basic technical issues and offer advice to solve them. An IT Help Desk Technician is a professional who provides technical support and assistance to customers, whether on the phone or in person.

Level 4 (Analytical or manager role)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics correlates these salaries, indicating a mean annual wage of $55,050. Of course, the more the tiers, the greater the challenge of providing a coordinated response. This often results in a degraded customer experience due to multiple handovers and challenges in status tracking.

  • Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.
  • An IT help desk assists all users in troubleshooting a number of IT problems and issues.
  • You’ll also learn a lot on the job, which is important for staying current in your field.
  • As a service desk engineer you will be installing, supporting, upgrading, and resolving any issues within the company on their technology such as computers, laptops, printers and phones.
  • They must also be customer-oriented and patient to deal with difficult customers.

Rewarding IT careers often begin on the help desk and the support field is booming at the moment. Many businesses are continuing to expand their operations and need to invest in technology in order to support this growth. The IT help desk job market is expected to continue to be on the rise in the coming years. [Intro Paragraph] Start your help desk job description with an introduction to your company or service. You’ll want to stress the positive qualities you offer to employees and why a job seeker would want to work for you.

How do Help Desk Engineers Rate Their Jobs?

This requires patience and determination to solve difficult technical problems from a remote location. Technical support service desk engineers may also receive on-the-job training to learn the specific systems and processes of their company. This training may include learning the company’s ticketing system, troubleshooting software and other processes. These employees provide phones, laptops, and computer support for an entire organization. The service desk staff typically handles the technical issues that are reported by the employees of a company.

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