VR Programming: Top 10 Coding Languages You Must Know

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My topic was “Coding in the time of Healthcare Revolution” and i’m sharing on how learn to code will actually benefit Healthcare Professionals in their practice. I had shown the audience how to code a Basic Medical Educational VR Application in part of my talk. That said, reading text will be uncomfortably blurry using that device. After coding all day in VR, you’re unlikely to feel like a happier, healthier, or more productive person. Next, from my terminal, I ran the following command to open up the shared session.

C# (Unity)

The market’s leader Oculus Quest 2 costs $299, compared to its predecessor’s $399 at its release. The device also doesn’t require extra computer equipment to run and can be used virtually anywhere. Today, VR users are no longer considered early adopters.

I’m gonna try to see if I can do the same for my Oculus Quest 2. Haven’t found an app so I can see VSCode there, but hopefully through the new online version I’ll be access my code through the browser. People think this is cool but its not, VR headset will get heavy and HOT and its just not comfortable at all for long period of time. For many brands, VR creation might not be the most challenging part. Some will get stuck at the phase where you need to persuade your stakeholders that the effort will pay dividends. This means that a VR experience of your design must strike a specific chord with the audience or solve problems that otherwise wouldn’t be possible to solve.

Step Prepare to Buy an Expensive Headset (Highest Resolution)

As of this writing, the Logitech K830 is the only Keyboard designed to be used with the Quest 2. That said, there are rumors that they’re working to support all keyboards in the future. And I suggest trying this out because it’s objectively fabulous how advanced this tech is. And quite frankly, I’m already considering buying an expensive VR headset instead of an expensive monitor that I was thinking about purchasing. In 2022 (and onward), a whole bunch of new high-resolution VR headsets will come on the market (The only problem is they’re probably all quite expensive). There are some common pitfalls with coding in VR that I’ll help you overcome in this article.

  • It is through the language of code that virtual and augmented reality take flight, enchanting and empowering us to explore uncharted realms of possibility.
  • If you are looking for a programming language for vr applications for the web, this one is definitely for you.
  • People are also at risk of having seizures, dizziness, headaches, eye strain, or even blackouts during virtual reality gaming.
  • The visual and auditory components of VR play a vital role in creating a sense of immersion.
  • That said, there are keyboards you can bring into VR.
  • This free account gives you access to the functionality of the InstaVR platform, and allows you to build a working app.

Most major tech stores near you likely carry a few options to choose from and finding a headset online to have shipped to your doorstep can be done in a few clicks. Almost every developer could probably name a few very long nights they’ve had in their careers. Coding inside VR is a great way to change your scenery! Giving you full control of your surroundings while still staying on track of completing your work successfully. Not everyone currently writes code on three side-by-side 100” screens. Using VR while coding is a great way to have massive screens in front of you while you work.

Coding AR/VR

This language is very difficult to learn and is very extensive in nature. Unreal is the nearest rival of Unity and is also the major component of game engines. As this technology continues to evolve, more businesses are capitalizing on the monetary angle of virtual reality. This means more opportunity is opening for programmers willing to learn VR programming languages.

coding virtual reality

Through coding, developers create algorithms that enable real-time rendering, ensuring that virtual objects align with the user’s perspective and respond to changes in the environment. Coding also enables users to interact with the virtual content through gestures, touch, or voice commands. By writing code that interprets user inputs, developers can create intuitive and responsive interactions within the AR experience. Virtual reality refers to a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that users can interact with using specialized headsets or devices. It immerses users in a completely synthetic world, often replicating real-world scenarios or creating entirely new and imaginative landscapes. VR has gained immense popularity in gaming, allowing players to step into immersive, interactive worlds that feel remarkably real.

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WebXR Device API provides capabilities for rendering 3D scenes to present them in the virtual world or for augmented reality directly on the web. Simply put, this is a JavaScript API that allows us to experience VR in most modern browsers. Even most phones today can access WebVR content by switching to the landscape mode – the screen will split into a dual display to be used in any headset supporting smartphone conjunction. Of course, this is not a fulfilling virtual experience (yet) but it gives developers creative freedom and allows brands to incorporate VR elements directly on their website. These are entirely different experiences usually reserved for video games or whenever you want people to interact with objects and explore the environment.

coding virtual reality

Achieve amazing graphics with flexible graphics pipelines, and build complex multiplayer experiences with advanced performance tools. This can be difficult, especially if you are a workaholic. It’s easy to get caught up in the rigorous development process of a game, but you need to draw some boundaries, create a realistic work schedule, and stick to it. Burnout can happen in the blink of an eye and set you back in your schedule. Returning to the basics and foundations of virtual reality gaming is always a valuable exercise, especially if you have come upon some difficulty in your project.


When it comes to having the most immersive experience, room-scale VR is what you want. This form of VR allows you to not only look around, but move around too in a virtual world. These VR headsets normally also have motion-tracked vr coding language controllers so you can interact with the world. In some more advanced headsets, you can use controllers that act as your hands. You can pickup objects, throw them and interact with the world around you.

coding virtual reality

Augmented reality, on the other hand, blends virtual elements with the real-world environment, overlaying digital information onto the physical world. AR is experienced through devices like smartphones, tablets, or wearable glasses, which use cameras to capture the surroundings and superimpose computer-generated elements onto them. From gaming and education to industrial applications and medical training, AR has demonstrated its transformative potential across various domains. Furthermore, these devices also have very well-developed software developer’s kits (SDKs). If you haven’t mastered this coding language, Unity has a wide range of enlisted designers so you can easily get the help you need and advanced development tool worked by other Unity engineers. Unity also implements a lot of the components of C#, making it also a popular choice for augmented reality programming.

Virtual Reality Games

Unity Plastic SCM is a version control and source code management tool built to improve team collaboration and scalability when building for VR. It offers optimized workflows for artists and programmers, as well as superior speed working with large files and binaries. Universal Render Pipeline (URP) lets creators at all levels express their vision, while still ensuring a high degree of extensibility and great customization capabilities. URP provides the performance needed for the demanding nature of VR development.

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